Women's Boxers - Flissie
Women's Boxers - Flissie
Women's Boxers - Flissie
Women's Boxers - Flissie
Women's Boxers - Flissie
Women's Boxers - Flissie
Women's Boxers - Flissie
Women's Boxers - Flissie
Women's Boxers - Flissie
Women's Boxers - Flissie
Women's Boxers - Flissie

Women's Boxers

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Bundle Pack | 3 Pairs Purchased = 1 Pair Donated

At Flissie, we believe that comfort and convenience should never be compromised for style. That’s why we’ve created the most comfortable, stylish women's boxers that you’ll ever find. Our boxers are made from sustainably sourced bamboo fabric, making them incredibly soft and breathable, so you can feel comfortable all day long.

But we don’t just want to provide comfortable boxers. We want to be a source of good in the world. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to give back. For every 3 pairs of Flissie boxers purchased, we’ll donate 1 pair to female communities in need.

We’re redefining the way women purchase underwear and we’re doing it with a purpose. Join us on our mission to make the world a better place, one pair of boxers at a time.

    Comfort x10

    They’re just the right length; long enough on the leg so that they don’t ride up but short enough so they won’t show under a dress or skirt. Our bamboo fabric is 10x softer than cotton. They are the most comfortable underwear you will ever try - guaranteed.

    Anti-Dig Waistband

    A soft, luxury waistband that sits comfortably close so that you don't even notice you're wearing them. Our waistband is stretchy so it fits with your body and hides visibility lines.


    Our boxers have the length to cover your inner thigh and fabric with anti-chafing technology to make sure your legs are silky smooth because we don't want red rashes and painfully sore walking.

    Why Bamboo?

    Bamboo is one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world, it grows without any need for fertilizers or pesticides & absorbs more carbon dioxide than any other plant on the planet.

    Our Tanboocel bamboo fabric is manufactured with 1/3 less water than cotton, it's organically certified and it's hypoallergenic making it wearable by those with sensitive skin conditions.

    Healthy Vagina

    Bamboo fabric is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, moisture wicking, odour resistant and even has UV protection making sure you keep your vagina healthy!

    Closed Loop Manufacturing

    Our Tanboocel bamboo viscose fabric is manufactured in a closed loop process meaning that excess water and gas is recycled. The key factor is that Tanboocel bamboo viscose does not use carbon-disulfide (which you should avoid to be environmentally friendly) in the extraction process and alkali used for processing bamboo chips is recycled.

    Manufacturing Certifications

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews
    Siobhan C. (Ireland)

    I have not received my order yet

    I've just seen your review saying that you've not received your order yet. I'm sorry about this as I have checked when your order was internationally shipped and that was the 12th May so it should have been with you by Monday 22nd May.

    I don't know why your order hasn't been delivered as it is an issue with Royal Mail.

    I'm going to personally pack and repost your order for you with end-to-end tracking details sent to your email so that you can see updates on where your order is.

    Again, I'm sorry you haven't received your order as this is out of our control but this should fix the problem, does that work for you?


    Oscar (United Kingdom)
    Super comfy

    Got a couple pairs of these at a craft fair in my city, the ladies at the booth were so so lovely and helpful and gave me all the info I needed. These are comfy and cute and great if you have sensory issues like me as they're airy and almost like a pair of pajama bottoms. I'm also a trans man, and finding boxers with a space for a pad is so incredibly frustrating and expensive but I'm 100% sold on these and will most definitely be ordering 3 of every colour ! <3

    Logan (United Kingdom)
    Trans Love

    As a trans-masculine person, boxers have always been a problem for me. I hated the pouch on male boxers and the ill fit many of them have, plus the discomfort during my period - these are perfect. Designed for my body, still in the "masculine" boxers format. They're also so much more comfortable than whatever cheap cotton boxers they sell in stores. Absolutely worth it

    Melanie V. (Switzerland)

    very comfy

    Alyson H. (United Kingdom)
    Five star undies.

    I now have 4 pairs of these lovely undies. After cancer treatment I needed some soft, light underwear which didnt have raised seams and looked nice on. These are spot on. Comfortable, light, great colours and they wash and dry quite quickly. I also had really great, very friendly service from the team over size and colour choice. Good company ethics too. Highly reccomended