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Women's Boxers


Comfort x10

They’re just the right length; long enough on the leg so that they don’t ride up but short enough so they won’t show. Our bamboo fabric is 10x softer than cotton so you won’t find anything comfier for your day to day.

Anti Thigh Rub

Designed specifically for women, our boxers have the length to cover your inner thigh and the specialist fabric to support our design "secret recipe" that makes sure Flissie underwear removes thigh rub from your life.

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world, it grows without any need for fertilizers or pesticides & absorbs more carbon dioxide than any other plant on the planet.

Our Tanboocel bamboo fabric is manufactured with 1/3 less water than cotton, it's organically certified and it's hypoallergenic making it wearable by those with sensitive skin conditions.

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Eco-friendly Bamboo

Fastest growing plant on earth requiring no fertiliser, no irrigation and 1/3 less water than cotton


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100% Biodegradable

100% Compostable

100% Recycled