Looking for sustainable fashion? Look no further than Flissie. We're an eco-friendly store specialising in comfortable women's boxers and we take our commitment to sustainability seriously.

Bamboo fabric

Our fabric is made out of Tanboocel bamboo viscose, which is not only environmentally friendly but also incredibly soft and comfortable. Plus, our Tanboocel bamboo viscose fabric is manufactured in a closed loop
process meaning that excess water and gas is recycled. The key factor is that Tanboocel bamboo viscose does not use carbon disulfide (which you should avoid to be environmentally friendly) in the extraction process and alkali used for processing bamboo chips is recycled.

Tanboocel are FSC® certified and sources the bamboo from an
FSC® certified forest. The cut is controlled and does not affect the overall health of the forest itself.

Plant-based packaging

In addition to our sustainable fabric, our packaging is made
out of corn starch PLA. PLA is plant-based and therefore sustainable, plus it's also biodegradable and compostable. Corn starch PLA is manufactured with a lower environmental impact than traditional petroleum-based plastics, and it
doesn't release harmful toxins when it's disposed. Our favourite fact about corn starch PLA is that it's made out of renewable resources.

 To dispose of our corn starch PLA packaging, you can put it in the normal rubbish bin; not the recycling bin. Alternatively, if you have a home compost you can put it in there. It will degrade to water and carbon dioxide
around 3 months later, leaving no harmful toxins behind.


FSC® was founded by a group of environmentalists including
Greenpeace, indigenous peoples, development cooperation organizations, forestry
producers, workers, wood industry, scientists and forest technicians to create
an alternative to forestry destruction.

Buying from an FSC® certified company means buying a cellulose product (and therefore Bamboo Viscose) that does not
contribute to the destruction of forests.

Want to discuss further?

At Flissie, we're constantly looking for new ways to reduce our environmental impact and do our part for sustainable fashion. We believe sustainability is a journey where there is always room to learn and improve; please contact us via email on if you have recommendations on how we
can do better for our planet.

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Fastest growing plant on earth requiring no fertiliser, no irrigation and 1/3 less water than cotton

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