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There’s a reason men wear boxers and it’s because they’re so comfortable! As usual us women have outsmarted mankind by designing the perfect boxers for a woman’s body. They’re just the right length; long enough on the leg so that they don’t ride up but short enough so they won’t show. When it comes to comfort, you won’t find anything more comfortable than our bamboo fabric.

Why bamboo?

One of the most sustainable fabrics in the world, it grows without any need for fertilizers or pesticides & absorbs more carbon dioxide than any other plant on the planet.

Our Tanboocel bamboo fabric is 10x softer than cotton and uses 1/3 less water. It's organically certified and it's hypoallergenic making it wearable by those with sensitive skin conditions.

Healthy vagina

Bamboo fabric is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, moisture wicking, odour resistant and even has UV protection making sure you keep your hoohaa healthy!

Wear anywhere waistband

Looking good on your hips or waist with a premium waistband. It comfortably conforms itself to your body shape whilst sitting close enough to hide away visibility lines. All without digging in so you’ll forget you’re even wearing them.

Move freely

Go at any pace you like with zero friction. Guaranteed to remove thigh rub from your life and keep things moving in the right direction.

Closed loop manufacturing

Our Tanboocel bamboo viscose fabric is manufactured in a closed loop process meaning that excess water and gas is recycled. The key factor is that Tanboocel bamboo viscose does not use carbon-disulfide (which you should avoid to be environmentally friendly) in the extraction process and alkali used for processing bamboo chips is recycled.

Manufacturing certifications

Sustainable clothing manufacturing certifications

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100% Biodegradable

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bamboo underwear for women

Eco-friendly Bamboo

Fastest growing plant on earth requiring no fertiliser, no irrigation and 1/3 less water than cotton

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