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How Women's Boxers and Comfortable Clothing Can Make Your Chemotherapy Treatment More Bearable

by Phillippa Owen on May 04, 2023

How Women's Boxers and Comfortable Clothing Can Make Your Chemotherapy Treatment More Bearable

As a cancer patient, undergoing chemotherapy can be a difficult and painful process. It's important to prioritise your comfort during this time, and that includes your clothing choices. Comfortable clothing can help alleviate some of the discomfort and pain associated with chemotherapy. In this article, I'll discuss the benefits of women's boxers for chemo patients, features to look for in comfortable underwear, other comfortable clothing options, how to choose the right clothing, tips for staying comfortable, where to buy women's boxers and other comfortable clothing, and testimonials from women who have worn boxers during chemo treatment.

The Importance of Comfortable Clothing During Chemo

Chemotherapy can cause a wide range of side effects, including nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and skin sensitivity. These side effects can make it difficult to wear tight or restrictive clothing. Wearing comfortable clothing can help alleviate some of these side effects and make the chemotherapy experience more bearable. Comfortable clothing can also help boost your mood and self-confidence during a difficult time.

Benefits of Women's Boxers for Chemo Patients

Women's boxers are a great option for chemo patients because they are comfortable, breathable, and offer coverage in your inner thigh where chafing might be more common if you’re experiencing sensitive skin or rashes. Unlike traditional underwear, boxers can provide more space for medical equipment such as catheters or ports. They also provide more comfort during hospital visits or when receiving treatment in general.

Women's boxers are typically made from soft and stretchy materials, such as cotton or bamboo, which makes them comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Bamboo fabric is naturally hypoallergenic helping with sensitive skin conditions and it’s 10x softer than cotton which makes it perfect when you have comfort as a priority. Additionally, boxers come in a variety of styles and designs, making it easy to find a pair that suits your personal style.

Features to Look for in Comfortable Underwear for Chemo Patients

When looking for comfortable underwear for chemo patients, it's important to look for certain features. First, the underwear should be made from soft and breathable materials, such as bamboo or cotton. These materials can help reduce skin irritation and promote airflow. Second, the underwear should be seamless to prevent rubbing or chafing. Third, the underwear should provide full coverage to prevent discomfort or embarrassment during treatment. Lastly, the underwear should be easy to remove, especially if you have a catheter or port.

Other Comfortable Clothing Options for Chemo Patients

In addition to women's boxers, there are other comfortable clothing options for chemo patients. Loose-fitting shirts or dresses made from soft materials, such as cotton or bamboo, can provide comfort and breathability. Lightweight cardigans or jackets can also help regulate body temperature and provide comfort during treatment. Soft and stretchy loungewear pants or leggings can provide comfort and during treatment visits. Bamboo in general is a fantastic fabric to look for in clothing and there are many more options available as sustainable fashion increases in popularity.

How to Choose the Right Clothing for Chemo Treatment

When choosing clothing for chemo treatment, it's important to consider your personal preferences and needs. You should prioritise comfort and breathability but it’s also super important to look after your wellbeing! Choose clothing that makes you feel confident and comfortable in your body. Consider the materials, style, and fit of the clothing. Loose clothing or pieces that are airy, breathable and easy to take on and off is helpful during your treatment. You should also consider the temperature of the treatment room so look for temperature regulating fabrics like bamboo but also take layers if needed.

Tips for Staying Comfortable During Chemo Treatment

There are several tips for staying comfortable during chemo treatment. It's important to stay hydrated and bring water or other fluids with you. You should also bring snacks or small meals to keep your energy levels up. Wearing comfortable clothing, such as women's boxers, can help alleviate discomfort and promote relaxation. You should also consider bringing a pillow or blanket to make the treatment room more comfortable.

Where to Buy Women's Boxers and Other Comfortable Clothing for Chemo Patients

Women's boxers and other comfortable clothing for chemo patients can be found online or in stores. Online retailers, such as Amazon or Etsy, offer a wide range of styles and designs. Medical supply stores may also offer specialised clothing for chemo patients. It's important to read reviews and check the return policy before making a purchase. Flissie women’s boxers are made of bamboo, they’re super comfortable and we offer a guarantee so if for any reason you have issues with sizing or discomfort we’ll make sure you get what you need, if not we’ll happily refund you.

Testimonial from a Woman Who Has Worn Flissie Boxers During Chemo Treatment

" I now have 4 pairs of these lovely undies. After cancer treatment I needed some soft, light underwear which didn’t have raised seams and looked nice on. These are spot on. Comfortable, light, great colours and they wash and dry quite quickly. I also had really great, very friendly service from the team over size and colour choice. Good company ethics too. Highly recommended." – Alyson H.


Comfortable clothing is an important aspect of chemo treatment. Women's boxers are a great option during and after treatment because they are super comfortable, breathable and don’t have irritating seams.

If you or a loved one is undergoing chemotherapy, consider investing in comfortable clothing such as women's boxers. Prioritising comfort during this difficult time can make the chemotherapy experience more bearable.